Summer Internship Program

OTR Escape is proud to introduce our 2020 Summer Internship Program! The program is open to all graduates of high school class 2020 who have a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship. The internship program will run from Wednesday, July 8th - Saturday, July 25th. 

The purpose of the program is to give our interns experience in starting and running a business. This will be facilitated through a revenue generating project that the interns will work on and have majority control over. In addition, interns will participate in workshops focusing on core business essentials including (but not limited to) Professional Development, Financial Literacy, Networking, and Interviewing Skills. 

Interns will be paid a stipend of $400 plus 100% of the profit generated from their project. Interns must commit to working from 11:00AM - 6:00PM every Tuesday - Saturday of the program duration, without any unexcused absences. Applications will be accepted from now until Monday, June 29th, with in-person interviews to follow on Wednesday, July 1st or Thursday, July 2nd. 


If you are a graduate of high school class 2020 and have a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship, we greatly encourage you to apply below!

Summer Internship Program Application