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OTR Escape

Now Open!
Now Open!


Make a Mess


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Cincinnati's first

Splatter Room!



Rooms are thoroughly sanitized after each reservation and equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers for customer use. All employees and customers are checked for a fever upon entering the building.


All reservations are private, so you only play with your group. No shared rooms! Great activity for family members of all ages.



Escape rooms are fun!! Think of it as a live action mind game. Feel the rush of trying to escape one of our four themed rooms! Will You Escape?!

Private Bookings

All bookings are private reservations!

Don't worry about playing with strangers, it's just you and your team!

Price Per Player

The larger your team the more you save!

2 - $31.99                  3 - $29.99

4 - $27.99                  5 - $25.99

6 - $23.99                  7 - $21.99

8+ - $20.99                *Before tax

20% Off! Code: OTRPLAY
Play Free for Your Birthday!
*see FAQ for details

Choose Your Experience

Tiger Cage

You're a janitor at the zoo and your night-shift couldn't be going any worse. While cleaning the tiger holding room, you not only smashed, but you just locked yourself in the tiger cage. Lucky for you the tigers are currently in their outside habitat. Unlucky for you, their scheduled nightly feeding is in 60 minutes, in which the outside door will automatically open for them to come in and feed. 

In order not to become an extra treat, you must first cut the power to the cages electronic lock to free yourself from the cage. Then you must find the hidden emergency access card that you overheard the veterinarians talk about earlier to get out of the tiger holding room. Escape within 60 minutes and live another day. Or become dinner for these hungry tigers. 


Coming in August!

tiger cage.jpg

The Looper

You are a detective investigating a tip you received about the serial killer Oblivion and you are now locked inside of Oblivion's Time Room. Oblivion is a mad clock-maker who has figured out how to alter time and quickly age his victims. Escape his time room before the time on your life ticks away.

Duration: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 7/10

Participants: 2 - 10

Ideal for groups of 4+. Groups of 2-3 should be experienced. 

Backstage Pass

You are super excited for your meet & greet with Destiny, your favorite artist in the world! However Destiny is a huge fan of escape games and has setup an escape game in her dressing room. Escape and meet your favorite artist, or get escorted out of the building by her security guard once the time is up. 


Duration: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 6.5/10

Participants: 2 - 6

*Backstage Pass is not wheelchair accessible* 

Recommended for groups of all sizes and experience levels.


Win or Else

Your longtime friend (and rival) Jack has invited you over for game night. Jack brags about how he has created the ultimate game night escape game in his house that no one can escape from. After hearing his boasting you bet Jack your car that you can escape and now you are left with only two fates, win or else.

Duration: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 6.5/10

Participants: 2 - 6

*Game Night is not handicap accessible*

Ideal for groups of 2-4 or groups of all sizes with children.

Will You Escape?!

*Escape & Win a Prize*